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06 06 2013 The Best Solar Magnetic Tornado Observed HD

June 12, 2013

06 06 2013 The Best Solar Magnetic Tornado Observed HD

Jun 6, 2013
Best viewed with window expanded.
This is one of the best solar tornadoes I have observed. SDO/NASA captured at various infrared 304 Ångstrom. 171- 193 et al beginning June 3 to present June 6th 2013.
It is earth directed so whatever shock wave it will produce it is highly possible we will get a glancing blow around the 8th of June.
The auroras created from the shockwave should be beautiful as well as any possible sounds that are produced as the shockwave interacts with our geomagnetosphere causing a geomagnetic storm..
You all have a good week and weekend ahead and hope you catch some good aurora viewing.


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