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Researching CAtegory 3, 4, 5 Hurricane Patterns by Year, DAtes Creating Predictions for 2013

June 13, 2013

Tropical Storm Aletta  May 14 - 19, 2012 Venus Retrograde May 15, 2012 (storm has a burst of convection storm goes WNW

Tropical Storm Aletta  May 14 – 19, 2012 Venus Retrograde May 15, 2012 (storm has a burst of convection storm goes WNW

the idea girl says

I’ve spent my whole day researching a thought and found something incredible in Earth’s Hurricane Patterns, they repeat their cycle every so many years, which is what I studied last year, by Google Searching Storms mbars and inches, I found the storm cells from previous hurricanes dating back to 1905 in our 2012 Hurricanes.

This year I’m researching something different, NASA and the National Hurricane Center has predicted on average 21 storms, with 6 being over the Category 3 in wind speeds.

What If I could tell you when all those storms will happen?

Not based on my “psychic visions, dreams or predictions” but actual scientific proof? 🙂

I can and will, this week, with my new video series, Predictions for dates of when Category 3 to 5 hurricanes will repeat their paths on Earth, AND, which days you will see two hurricanes at the same time – Cat 3, 5, or Cat 4, 5 and Cat 4, 4.

Then I’m also going to show you the pattern of how many HOURS these Category 5 Hurricane’s last from 1924 to 2007 (that was all the data I could find!)

If you can tell me where I can see the data from 2007 to 2012, I’d love to compare that too, I get all my information from Wikipedia.

So far only up to 2007 is listed for a Category 5 Hurricane on there…

the video storm predictions will be uploaded to my youtube channel – the idea girl says (along with my others) and then I’ll blog it here with the photos of my research I did today (June 13, 2013 from about 3 pm till 6 pm edt).


see venus retrogrades and how it affects Earth links to  data here


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