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2012 Atlantic Hurricane Statistics from Wiki Linda Randall

June 19, 2013

2012 Atlantic Hurricane Statistics from Wiki Linda Randall

2012 Atlantic Hurricane Statistics from Wiki Linda Randall

2012 2013  2014 Venus in Retrograde Motion  Direct Motion and Ingress Dates

2012 2013  2014 Venus in Retrograde Motion  Direct Motion and Ingress Dates

the idea girl says

i compared all the dates found on WIKI for each tropical wave, tropical depression and tropical storm, then hurricanes for the Atlantic Hurricane Season 2012 with the Venus Retrograde Dates found on the moon walker blog for 2012, and noted the number of days in between each of the events and looked for a pattern.

now i’ll use these patterns this year to predict the hurricanes to see if it is true again in 2013….

I will also do some tornado cell research on this blog this year watching how MOMMA geo cells, geomagnetic storm cells react during , before and after a tornado, to see if we can predict these storms using our dopplar radar instead of risking LIVES to go out there and get that data…

ps a MOMMA geo cell- she’s a super cell storm creating bugger.. she makes high wind cells, (creates babies of tornado cells, high wind cells, blue hail stone cells and green heavy rain cells) and is like a cameleon as she changes colors several times in an hour usually in increments of 6 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins and 1 hour patterns so far.. 🙂  see research on this blog from oct 2012 till present date june 2013,

all other geo cell data is on my other predictions blog (it got full so started this one)

you can click on the calender to go back to the dates, or use google search and customized the time on there to find what your looking for..

i think i have a video on how to do that on the idea girl says youtube channel.


see venus retrogrades and how it affects Earth links to  data here


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