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2012 Pacific hurricane season Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

June 19, 2013

2012 Pacific hurricane season   Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia

2012 Pacific hurricane season   Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia

the idea girl says

I just finished blogging all the pacific hurricanes 2012 storms in comparison to the Venus Retrogrades dates for 2012

on 19 June 2012 (click on the calendar to see all of them).

2012 2013  2014 Venus in Retrograde Motion  Direct Motion and Ingress Dates

2012 2013  2014 Venus in Retrograde Motion  Direct Motion and Ingress Dates

data from wikipedia and moon walker blog, saved on my static pages as well for reference in comparing future data

will be looking at which months have two or more hurricanes forming in them, in comparison to two venus retrograde dates in the same month, see if they mean anything too 🙂

you can see a list of the pacific blog posts from 19 June 2013 and click on each link to get to that data here:


see venus retrogrades and how it affects Earth links to  data here

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