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Typhoon Soulik Becomes Deadly, Storm Footage and Forecast

July 13, 2013

Jul 12, 2013
Typhoon Soulik made landfall in North Eastern Taiwan during the overnight hours on July 12th through 13th packing winds over 200kph as it came ashore. As of writing this update one casualty has been reported by local media due to the storm. As the storm continues to cruise west towards Fuzhou China rains will continue to batter much of Central Taiwan. The image to the right shows just how much has come down today. Some totals climbing over the 500mm mark in just a few short hours. It is the areas in the reds and purples on this map that are at greatest risk for flooding and landslides as moisture continues to stream ashore on to the island throughout the day. Our video update above talks about this and also the latest information coming in out of Taiwan.

Typhoon Storm Footage


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