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Predictions Come True TS Hurricane Dorian Invest 99L TS hurricane Erin TD6e TS hurricane Flossie form 1,2 days venus retrogrades

July 25, 2013

Predictions Come True TS Hurricane Dorian Invest 99L TS hurricane Erin TD6e TS hurricane Flossie form +  1,+ 2 days venus retrogrades july 22 2013



it happens again venus retrogrades july 22 2013 and we have 3 invests, that formed from tropical waves – 5 days before venus retrogrades.. +1 and +2 days for the TD 6e, TS dorian and invest 99L to form by july 24 2013.

Data was just posted today 25 jul 2013 12 midnight.. blogging it at 148 am edt. 25 jul 2013..

the idea girl says

Predictions from earlier this month based on circle patterns in the radar showing 3 hurricanes forming at the same time is happening, +1 +2 days after venus retrogrades july 22 2013.

predictions came true on july 23rd and 24th. the predictions started as Tropical waves forming a depression (DOrian did it in the time I predicted)

Based on 2012 data, hurricane’s will form + 5 days from venus retrograde date, so on july 27th you will see them becoming hurricane like wind speeds either in the EYE of the storm or in the outerbands.

Coronal HOle solar winds hit Earth July 26 to 28 2013 and these feed the high wind yellow geo cells that turn into powerful tornado’s.

TS dorian is already quite powerful making 25 ft tidal waves underneath her, usually they are at 8 ft when it switches from a TD to a TS. Isaac had the same kind of wave power and the route is the same for dorian, hitting the lesser antilles, puerto rico, cuba, haiti then the east coast florida up to new york, with 25 ft storm surges NOW before the storm hits we can expect to see major flooding damage along the east coast atlantic.

will keep you all posed on my blog, with daily and every couple of hour updates once the storms get rolling…

see data here:


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