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Tornado EF4 – EF5 Category 5 Hurricanes Mercury in Retrograde May 18 – June 11, 2015 #WARNING #Prediction

June 2, 2015

Tornado EF4 – EF5 Category 5 Hurricanes Mercury in Retrograde May 18 – June 11, 2015 #WARNING #Prediction’

the idea girl says
I was wondering what was going on with the cloud’s on intellicast satellite, as the rotations are all in different weird formations, not the usual patterns.
it looks like earth’s axis has shifted the north, south poles again since I have not measured it I cannot give you the degree’s of change.

but the first thing I look for with weird weather patterns, is mercury in retrograde.
As you know I did a one year study on the effects and how it increases the rotations and powers of tornado’s from EF1 to EF 3, 4 + more destructive winds over 150 mphs – 300 mph for Category 5 and 6 hurricane’s it also affects them.
When the Solar flares come towards earth, it will also increase M and X class flares, making life a bit more difficult for TV, Cell phone, internet users, depending on where the solar plasma’s hit the earth’s surface will generate stronger lightning storms, triple the geomagnetic storm super storm counts and basically change the jet streams too!

so here’s the #prediction #warning, keep your ears and eyes posted to news channels, should you get possible strong severe winds or storms, hurricane’s and possible tornadoes in your AREA.

also any earthquake clusters will build much faster then the normal 1.1 points per hour!

source of mercury in retrograde – space weather , weather network
and this article

you can see the jet streams are in all different crazy directions here

also our pacific ocean hurricane’s are beginning to form now.

see the data here

click on the map on that page to see atlantic hurricane readings.
space weather

and last of all I check the ocean current patterns for changes here


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